Kimberly Meltzer

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Academic Credentials

B.A., Emory University
M.A., Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania, The Annenberg School for Communication


Professor Meltzer joined the Marymount faculty in 2016 after having taught at Georgetown University from 2008-2016, and at Lehigh University from 2006-2008.

Professor Meltzer is available for comment on the following topics: opinion and commentary in news, incivility in media discourse, television news anchors, historical trends in news, journalistic practices, journalism and politics, TV trends, news coverage of elections and candidate endorsements.

Dr. Meltzer is also the faculty advisor to Marymount’s student-produced newspaper, The Banner.

Other Information

Teaching Area

Dr. Kimberly Meltzer teaches and conducts research about journalism and technology, and political communication.  Prior to her academic career, Dr. Meltzer worked for news organizations including CNN, NBC, The Philadelphia Inquirer, Discovery Communications, and Gazette Newspapers.

Research Interests

Dr. Meltzer’s research investigates journalistic adaptation to technological change, from the perspective of journalists themselves. It is also concerned with the political and social implications of those adaptations. She asks questions about how journalists perceive their own work, the work of their peers, and its effects on citizens.

Dr. Meltzer’s new book, From News to Talk: The Expansion of Opinion and Commentary in US Journalism (April 2019, State University of New York Press), tracks how journalists think and talk about changes in the news environment, with a focus on opinion and commentary in news. A key part of this work is journalists’ perspectives on civility, or the lack thereof, in public discourse.  Dr. Meltzer’s first book, TV News Anchors and Journalistic Tradition: How Journalists Adapt to Technology, was published in 2010. Her other work has appeared in The International Journal of Press/Politics, Journalism, Journalism Practice, Electronic News, Encyclopedia of Journalism and National Civic Review, as well as in several edited volumes. She presents her research regularly at conferences and invited lectures.




Phone: 703-908-7673