Elizabeth Langran

Elizabeth Langran (no photo)


School of Education

Academic Credentials

PhD in Instructional Technology, University of Virginia; MAT Trinity University; BA Villanova University


Elizabeth Langran, Ph.D., taught secondary and post-secondary students in the United States, Morocco (as a Peace Corps volunteer), and Switzerland before pursuing her Ph.D. in Instructional Technology at the University of Virginia. Since 2003 she has been educating and mentoring pre- and in-service teachers. Collaborative projects tapping her educational technology work have taken her to many international locations, including Nicaragua, India, Central Asia, Senegal, South Africa, Botswana, Bermuda, China, and most recently, Uganda, as part of Marymount’s partnership with Uganda REACH (formerly the Arlington Academy of Hope). Elizabeth is currently serving a 3-year term as the President of the Society for Information Technology & Teacher Education. Elizabeth loves to travel; you can follow her on Twitter @elangran (link: https://twitter.com/elangran).

Teaching Areas

Educational Technology; Cross-cultural/International Curricula; Secondary Methods

Research Interests

Geospatial Technology; Global Citizenship; Place-based learning; Mobile Learning, digital equity


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Langran, E. & Alibrandi, M. (2019). Integrating biography-based video in a multiplatform approach to teach historical thinking. The Teacher Educators’ Journal 12(1), 50-72.

Langran, E. & Langran, I. (2016). Technology’s role in global citizenship education. In Langran, I. & Birk, T. (Eds.), Globalization and global citizenship: Interdisciplinary approaches (pp. 56-68).

New York: Routledge,  Guilbaud, P., Bubar, E., & Langran, E. (July, 2021). “STEM Excellence and Equity in K-12 Settings: Use of Educational Experiences Based on Augmented Reality to Promote Academic Achievement and Learner Success.” Presented at International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction.


Phone: 703-284-1625

Email: elizabeth.langran@marymount.edu