Elissa Ruffino

Elissa Ruffino (no photo)

Lecturer, Editorial Coordinator

College of Business, Innovation, Leadership and Technology, Literature and Languages, School of Business

Academic Credentials

Master of Science, Linguistics, Georgetown University

Master of Arts, Education, The George Washington University

Bachelor of Arts, English and Education, Marquette University


Professor Elissa Ruffino serves as a lecturer in the College of Business and editorial coordinator for the School of Technology and Innovation at Marymount University. She also teaches communication courses to college juniors and seniors for the Lutheran College Washington Semester (LCWS) program, a consortium of 13 Lutheran colleges across the country. She is a visiting professor in marketing for John Cabot University in Rome, Italy, where she has taught for three consecutive summer one sessions.

For more than 23 years, she served as chief brand officer, director of communications and public relations for The National Italian American Foundation (NIAF) in Washington, DC and was awarded a three-year education grant (2017-19) by NIAF.

During summer 2017. Rome’s daily newspaper, La Stampa, published two of her articles after her teaching assignment at John Cabot University in Rome, Italy.

In June 2020 her first children’s book “”Dream Big Dream Small”” was published by Politics and Prose in Washington, DC. The following December “Sogna in Grande Sogna in Piccolo” was published in Italian.

She holds a Master of Science in Linguistics from Georgetown University; Master of Arts in Education from The George Washington University; Bachelor of Arts in English and Education from Marquette University, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She received a certificate in English Literature at Worcester College at the University of Oxford in England.

Teaching Areas

  • Communications
  • Business Writing
  • Brand Management

Research Interests

  • Branding; Effective Communications
  • The Art of Communication in Our Nation’s Capital Today


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Phone: 703-284-5944; 703-727-8479

Email: elissa.ruffino@marymount.edu