Linda Mann, PhD

Linda Mann, PhD (no photo)

Adjunct Faculty

School of Education

Academic Credentials

PhD in Education Policy, George Mason University; Master of Education, Curriculum and Instruction, University of Vermont; Bachelor of Science, Education, University of Vermont


Linda J. Mann holds a PhD in Education Policy from George Mason University. Mann currently serves as the Executive Director for the Civil Rights and Restorative Justice Project at Northeastern University’s School of Law. In 2018 Mann was awarded an Alliance for Historical Dialogue and Accountability fellowship with Columbia University’s Institute for the Study of Human Rights (ISHR). Following her fellowship, she continued to work for ISHR establishing a U.S. African American Redress Network in collaboration with Howard University. Mann also served as Director of Clinical Experiences at Marymount University in Arlington, VA. Mann’s research focuses on the intersection of race, history and restorative justice policymaking. Mann previously worked for the Georgetown Memory Project and the American Educational Research Association. She is a veteran educator, a conflict resolution specialist and a 20+ year grass-roots organizer. Mann loves to kayak, run, hike and play outdoors with her dog Sunny.

Teaching Areas

Social Studies K-12; specialization in U.S. History and African American Studies, Ethics & Social Justice

Research Interests

The potential of restorative justice for U.S. Historical Wrongdoings


Mann, L. (2021). Unfulfilled restorative justice: Prince Edward County, Virginia and the Brown scholarship fund in Past/Present: Time, Memory, and the Negotiation of Historical Justice (invited). Routledge. In print Pellegrino, A., Mann, L., Russell, W., (February/March 2013). To Lift As We Climb: A Textbook Analysis of the Segregated School Experience. The High School Journal 96(3), 209-231.


Phone: 703-582-9257