Clara Hauth, PhD

Clara Hauth, PhD (no photo)

Associate Professor

School of Education

Academic Credentials

Doctor of Philosophy in Education, George Mason University, Fairfax, VA (Special Education major, Educational Leadership: minor); Master of Education in Special Education; George Mason University; Bachelor of Arts, Communication; Pennsylvania State University


Dr. Clara Hauth joined Marymount in 2014. Her academic experience includes teaching both graduate and undergraduate online instruction at George Mason University and James Madison University. Prior to her work at Marymount, she spent 5 years in the broadcasting industry, training and leading teams in program content, and 10 years as a secondary special education teacher and chair leading teacher training. She serves as a liaison with state and national programs supporting students with disabilities and is an active member of AERA, ASCD, CEC, and divisions CCBD, CLD, DISES and TED. She serves as the president elect for the DISES board, collaborating with global educational organizations. Dr. Hauth’s transformational leadership in preparing teachers and administrators for careers in the critical field of special education is noted through her co-authored book The Survival Guide for New Special Education Teachers. Her research agenda includes, interventions in schools, teacher and school leadership, and global education.
In 2020 she became Program Coordinator for the EdD in Educational Leadership and Organizational Innovation.

Teaching Areas

Educational Leadership; Special Education Methods

Research Interests

My research focuses on four main areas: (a) educational leadership and organizational innovation, (b) experiential learning practices to prepare teachers for a career as special educators, (c) high impact and evidence based interventions regarding literacy skills (i.e., writing, reading, and math) of students with high-incidence disabilities, and (d) contributing to the research base on interprofessional learning(IPE), with culturally responsive/international educational practices both here and abroad.


Jez, R., Hauth, C. & Ramers, L. (2020). Transforming Educators in the United States and South Africa: An International Collaboration to Enhance Culturally Responsive Inclusive Practices. (manuscript submitted) Journal of International Special Needs Education. Council for Exceptional Children. Hauth, C., Cuenca-Carlino, Y., Mills, S., Creighton-Thompson, C., Allen-Bronaugh, D. (2019). Learning to SURF: Teachers and Researchers Creating Partnerships for Success. The Teacher Educators’ Journal, (12, 73-92). Mastropieri, M., Scruggs, T. & Hauth C. (2017) Special education teacher preparation. In J. M. Kauffman, D.P. Hallahan & P.C. Pullen (Eds.) The Handbook of Special Education (2nd ed.) (pp. 40-52). Taylor & Francis Ltd. Cuenca-Carlino, Y., Freeman-Green, S., Stephenson, G. & Hauth, C. (2016). Self-regulated strategy development instruction for teaching multi-step equations to middle school students struggling in math. The Journal of Special Education. August 2016 50: 75-85, first published on December 23, 2015 DOI: 10.1177/0022466915622021 Creighton Thompson, C. & Hauth, C., (2015). The Survival guide for NEW special education teachers. Council for Exceptional Children.


Phone: 703-284-3837