Brian Doyle

Brian Doyle (no photo)


Academic Credentials

B.A.U., Xavier University
M.T.S., Weston Jesuit School of Theology
Ph.D., The Catholic University of America


Other Information

Teaching Area

  • Systematic theology
  • Christology and Trinity
  • Grace and Sin

Research Interests

  • Doctrine of God
  • Augustine of Hippo
  • Theology of Love

Dr. Brian Doyle wrote his dissertation on the Trinitarian theology of a German theologian, Gisbert Greshake. His publications examine the Christian Doctrine of God and its practical relevance for the believing community.

Dr. Doyle is working on a systematic presentation of the theology of love. This work draws from the biblical, philosophical, and literary sources in the presentation of contemporary theology of love.

Dr. Doyle is active in the College Theology Society, having given several papers and convening the History of Christian Life and Thought Session.

Teaching is Dr. Doyle’s great passion, which was recognized by the senior class of 2006 who awarded him the Robert A. Draghi Outstanding Faculty Member award. His other passions include his wife, three young children, and a Bob Dylan collection that rivals any other.



Phone: 703-526-6817