Alice Petillo

Alice Petillo (no photo)

Assistant Professor

Academic Credentials

B.A., M.Ed., University of Maryland
Ph.D., George Mason University


Dr. Alice E. Petillo conducts research in the area of mathematics education. She earned her Ph.D. at George Mason University and holds a Virginia Postgraduate Professional License in Mathematics and Spanish. She has long-term experience teaching mathematics at the secondary and undergraduate levels. 

Dr. Petillo is particularly interested in helping pre-service teachers students develop a positive relationship with mathematics and experience its beauty, power, and utility. She conducts research on the transformative power of out-of-classroom informal learning events such as STEM Festivals. She has presented and written about the results of her research at local and international meetings. 

Dr. Petillo uses dynamic geometry software to enhance classroom instruction as well as to explore new forms of 3-D geometric constructions. She actively collaborates with other programs and schools, having coordinated a Math, Art, Fashion event in conjunction with Marymount’s Portfolio in Motion in 2014.

Other Information

Teaching Area

  • Geometry
  • History of Mathematics
  • Problem Solving

Research Interests

  • Informal Learning
  • Instructional Technology



Phone: 703-284-1658