Isabel Trojillo

Class of 2022

Isabel TrojilloMajor


Member of the Marymount Honors Program and Women’s Golf Team


Why did you decide to come to Marymount?

I knew that the Nursing and Honors programs are really good, and on top of that I really wanted to continue to play golf. It’s also close to home – I didn’t want to be too far away from family, so it was perfect.

What led to your interest in nursing as a career field?

I’ve always been a people person. Also, I watched my dad transform his career from corporate to health care – he was a nurse too, and now he’s a nursing informatics consultant. I saw him progress through nursing, and I know that if I go into the health care field, specifically nursing, I can do so much more with that – hopefully a master’s and Nursing Practitioner. The opportunities in that field are endless. Especially now with the pandemic, it’s given me the opportunity to really realize what it means to be a health care worker and how they impact everyone.

How has COVID-19 impacted your college experience?

It made me realize just how blessed I am. My parents have secure jobs, but I know friends whose families have lost jobs and have lost people during the pandemic. For me, it was just time alone with my family, being safe, having the resources to be safe in quarantine.

I’m fully vaccinated now – I was able to get that in January, because I’ve been going in and out of the hospitals since the beginning of junior year. I was recognized as a health care worker, and it was really nice to get that.

What skills have you built on in Marymount’s Nursing program?

Being a Nursing major has really taught me how to prepare myself and find ways that work for me to excel in my studies. Also, because the course load is rigorous, and with all of the other extracurriculars I have like being in the Honors program and playing Women’s Golf, I had to be very efficient in my time management so that I could succeed on and off the course. It showed me how hard I can work, and what I have to do to be successful.

How does it feel to be living your dream of playing collegiate golf?

It’s awesome! I never thought I would be playing college golf until I really talked to my coach and my parents about it, and seriously considered it my senior year of high school. Seeing how far I’ve gone – my freshman year, I was conference champ and rookie of the year – I’ve been having great success on the course, and I’m glad I made this decision.

What will be your fondest memories of Marymount?

When I graduate and look back, I’m definitely going to remember the times on the course – of course! Our van rides to tournaments, my coach cheering us on and following me through every hole…whether I’m laughing or if I’m in tears, just being there for me.

I’m also going to remember all of the memories I made with the amazing people I’ve met and the amazing faculty here. I feel like the difference between Marymount and most schools is the faculty-student relationship. I’ve gotten really close with faculty members, working with them through my Honors thesis and research. Also, the fellow Honors students are such a close community.