Class of 2024 Spotlight: Isabella Ochalik

Class of 2024 Spotlight: Isabella Ochalik

Women’s Swimming Team


Biochemistry with minors in Pre-Medicine, Pre-Osteopathic Medicine and Pre-Pharmacy


Glassboro, N.J.

Plans post-graduation?

I will attend Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine – Elmira to become a doctor of osteopathic medicine.

What professional and personal opportunities have you had during your time at Marymount?

I had the opportunity to conduct an undergraduate thesis through the Honors Program. Over four years, I developed an understanding of the genetic mechanisms of heart disease and applied biological insights to develop a functional prototype that can monitor irregular heart rhythm, detect heart rate and identify blood oxygen levels, all of which provide the baseline for diagnosing heart disease. As a culmination of this work, I performed and successfully defended a series of lab experiments to analyze a model that may help inform the molecular mechanisms of ventricular septal defects.

How has being a student-athlete contributed to your Marymount experience?

Being a swimmer at Marymount has not only been an outlet to relieve stress and compete, but also an unforgettable experience of friendship and perseverance. My team has developed into a tightly knit group that is beyond supportive on the best and worst of days. My time as a collegiate athlete has taught me that it is not the medals or awards, but the lasting memories and friendships that matter most.

What will you remember most about your academic journey?

I will most remember the professors, alumni and students that have helped me throughout my academic journey. Navigating the higher education system as a child of immigrants and the first science major in the family would have been impossible without the guidance and support of those at Marymount. My professors were always available to answer my many questions and connect me with the best opportunities. Alumni shared their academic and professional experiences to expose me to different career options. My peers and friends fostered a pleasant and collaborative learning environment.

How has Marymount helped you grow as a person?

In high school, I was a shy and quiet student, which made me think that I had to follow the crowd. But Marymount exposed me to the power of my autonomy. As I attended classes, engaged in extracurriculars and conversed with my professors and coaches, I realized that only I was in charge of my undergraduate experience and professional aspirations. Marymount gave me the resources to gain foundational knowledge and explore numerous opportunities so that I would be equipped to make the best decisions for my life.