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Prior Trainings and Presentation Recordings

Training Toolbox Presentation – 

Externally Funded Research Begins Here –

Overview:  New or potential PIs and Co-PIs learn how to find sponsored research opportunities, how to begin the process of preparing the “Application for External Funding Form” and working with the Dean, School Director, Office of Sponsored Programs, and Financial Services.  Difference between a contract, grant, cooperative agreement, and gift are also explained.

Proposal Application Process –  

Overview:  New or aspiring PIs learn how to begin the proposal application process once an externally funded research solicitation is found such as completing the “Application for External Funding form” and overview of the parts of an application with key points on what to include in each section and how to work with OSP to obtain assistance during the application process.

Transitioning Sponsored Research from Pre-award to Post-Award – 

Overview:  New or potential PIs and Co-PIs learn how to get started once they have been notified that their proposal has been funded. Topics include working with Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) and Financial Services (FS) to set up the award and budget in the Marymount system, working with consultants, subrecipients, and vendors, how to determine if an expenditure is allowable, etc.

Grant Application Tip:  Practice your “elevator or sales pitch” for your potential project idea with Office of Sponsored Programs, the College Dean, and the School Director/Supervisor prior to completing the Authorization to Pursue Form to garner support and speed up the signature process on the form during the proposal application process.