Off Cycle (Manual) Checks

An off-cycle payroll check is a manual check that is processed between regular scheduled paydays on an exception basis due to missing or incorrect pay on the previous regular scheduled payday.  Off Cycle checks are processed to compensate employees for pay that is due to avoid undue financial hardship.  

 Department managers must ensure that their departments comply with payroll processing deadlines for the approval of hiring, Period Activity Pay (PAP), pay rate changes, and time entry to reduce the need for requesting off-cycle payroll checks.   

 Off cycle checks require manual entry and intervention by multiple contacts in benefits, payroll and accounting, and due to the administrative burden, potential penalties, and associated cost, off cycle payments will be limited to situations causing undue financial hardship only.  

 To request an off cycle payment, departments may send an email to, including an explanation of missing pay and justification for the off cycle paycheck request. 

 Requests will be granted based on the following criteria: 

  • Pay advances are not permitted at Marymount University and will not be paid on or off cycle. 
  • Minimum amount – Off cycle checks will not be processed for amounts less than $150. 
  • Non-Exempt employees – Hourly paid staff and student employees receive multiple email reminders for the timesheet submission deadline during payroll processing. Therefore, off cycle check requests will not be granted for staff and student employees for late timesheet submission. 
  • Pay rate increases and bonuses – Pay rate increases and bonuses will only be compensated on the regular paycheck cycles. Employee increases and bonus requests submitted and approved after the payroll processing deadlines will be paid on the next pay date. 
  • Separation and appointment payouts – Payouts will be processed on regular paycheck dates only. Termination and change requests received after the payroll processing deadlines will be paid on the next pay date.   
  • HR/Payroll System – If an HR/Payroll system error causes an employee to miss pay on a regular paycheck, Human Resources will collaborate with payroll to correct with an off cycle check to avoid hardship when possible. 

 View the Payroll Calendar for current pay period dates and processing deadlines.