Payroll Services

Marymount University employees are paid bi-weekly, or every two weeks. There are normally 26 pay periods/paychecks in a calendar year.  Refer to the Payroll Calendar for pay period and pay dates.  

Direct Deposit

Enroll in Direct Deposit for:  

  • Peace of Mind – No worries about mail delays or having a check lost or stolen.  
  • Convenience – No more separate trips to pick up your paycheck and then depositing it.  
  • Freedom – Payments are automatically deposited into your account, even if you are traveling, on vacation, or ill.  

Employees will need an Account Number and Routing Number for your bank to set up direct deposit. If these numbers are not correct, then the electronic deposit will be rejected.   Workday Job Aid. 

Wrong Bank Information

If you have the wrong account number or routing number, your deposit will bounce back and not be available on payday.  Payroll will reverse the check and notify you, but not reissue the payment until the bank information has changed or you choose to have a paper check mailed to your address on file.   

Paper Checks

Paper payroll checks are mailed to the home address on file on payday Friday.  

Stop Payment Payroll Checks   

If you do not receive your paper check you may request a stop payment. It may take up to 10 days before payroll gets confirmation from the bank and can reissue the payment.      


Manage Payroll Options

Log into Workday and manage all your payroll options. Workday Job Aid  

Off Cycle (Manual) Checks

Payroll Overpayments 

Payroll Taxes 

Time Keeping Job Aids

View Your Compensation  

Log into Workday and view your compensation and pay. Workday Job Aid