Licensure, Registration, and Certification Policy

Effective Date

June 12, 2017

Last Revision Date

June, 2023 

Responsible Party

Human Resources


All non-faculty employees  


This policy governs the initial validation, periodic review and maintenance of non-faculty licensure, registration, and/or certification as required by federal, state, or local laws, codes, rules and regulation, and/or by certifying professional associations or agencies. 

Policy Statement

This policy applies to, but is not limited to, all staff licensed, registered or certified by the Commonwealth of Virginia, the State of Maryland, or the District of Columbia, as may be required by the position description of the employee.

1.0 Requirements

A valid current license, registration, and/or certification is a requirement for initial and continued employment and/or appointment in the following professional capacities listed below. 

  1. Registered Nurse
  2. Psychological Counselors
  3. Any individual who operates a university vehicle, or whose position descriptions requires the operation of any motor vehicle, and,
  4. Other such positions that meet this requirement for employment and/or appointment by the university.

2.0  Initial Validation

2.1 Human Resources will work with the department to verify (if deemed necessary by the department) the current licensure, registration and/or certification documentation for applicants by means of an official background check.  

2.2  Applicants for positions requiring licensure, registration, and/or certification (as described above) must present the original document for validation prior to beginning their employment and/or appointed responsibilities.

2.3  Human Resources shall maintain for all currently employed staff a photocopy of the validated original licensure, registration, and/or certification, to be provided as part of the hiring process. 

2.4  Continued validation shall be established through the visual inspection of an original license, registration, and/or certification. Presentation and/or submission of a photocopy by the staff member is not acceptable for purposes of this policy. 

2.5  In addition to Human Resources, the department shall maintain a photocopy of the license and registration and/or certification for all employees in a staff file. 

2.6  For those employees whose position description requires the operation of a university vehicle or any motor vehicle as part of their regular position duties, training will be required through the Office of Risk Management.  

3.0 Continuing Validation

3.1  The staff member is responsible and required to renew the professional licensure, registration, and/or certification prior to expiration. 

3.2  The staff must present the original, renewed document(s) to Human Resources prior to expiration of the license, registration and/or certification. A copy of the validated renewed document must be included in the appropriate staff file. An additional copy will be forwarded to the department head in order to maintain a current department file.

4.0 Failure to Maintain Current Licensure Status

4.1  If the staff member fails to provide such documentation within seven (7) days of the expiration date, Human Resources will notify the staff member by registered mail and notify the department head that the employee will be suspended coincident with the expiration date and until the license renewal is received. 

4.2  The staff member is required to advise the department head immediately of any expiration, suspension, or revocation of professional licensure, registration, and /or certification. 

4.3  The department head must immediately advise Human Resources of any change in licensure, registration, and/or certification status. 

4.4  As part of the annual competency assessment, Human Resources is able to (if deemed necessary) coordinate an annual review that requires all the department heads that employ licensed, registered or certified staff, to substantiate that the departmental files contain appropriately verified current licenses, registrations, and/or certification for all personnel.