Employment Verifications Policy

Effective Date

June 12, 2017

Last Revision Date

June, 2023 

Responsible Party

Human Resources


All Employees


It is the policy of Marymount University (“University”) to ensure that employment information available on all employees past and present is communicated in a consistent manner.

1.0  Former Employees

Individuals receiving employment verification inquiries must refer all such inquiries to Human Resources. Only written, emailed, or faxed requests for references sent to or received by Human Resources will be acknowledged.  Only dates of employment and titles will be confirmed. Salary may be confirmed with written consent from a former employee. No personal references may be sent utilizing University letterhead stationery or position title of respondent.

2.0  Current Employees

2.1  Requests for Information from Inside the University

Department heads and managers may respond to requests for information received from other University departments. However, should the department head and/or manager have any questions regarding the propriety of the inquiry, they should contact Human Resources.

2.2  Requests for Information from Outside the University

  1. All such requests must be referred to Human Resources.
  2. Marymount University partners with The Work Number by Equifax Verification Services to manage employment verifications and salary information required by lending companies.  For more information and options read Employment Verifications.
  3. Information requests by and/or for current employees will be honored by Human Resources provided that appropriate release forms and/or documents are presented. Human Resources does reserve the right, however, to respond directly to the requesting agency rather than providing the information to the employee.