WTOP: Marymount U. to return to in-person learning in fall

Marymount University logo


Marymount University, in Arlington, Virginia, will return to full in-person learning for the fall semester.

The university said in a statement Wednesday that it would also offer “a return to a more ‘normal’ college experience for students in regards to resident life, athletics, campus activities and more.”

The Catholic university added that there hadn’t been an active case of COVID-19 on campus since Feb. 17, and the current test positivity rate at the university is under 1%.

The university offered hybrid learning this academic year, with students on campus and remote learning options on offer, as well as social distancing in residence halls.

University President Irma Becerra said in a letter to the community on Wednesday that in the year since the pandemic shut the campus down, “We have done everything possible to keep our students and employees safe while still offering our Saints an interactive and high-quality educational experience.

Reaching this point where we can make a full return to in-person learning and living is thanks to our community members as a whole, who have all played a part in our collective success.”

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