Why you should visit colleges after you’ve been accepted

Why you should visit colleges after you've been accepted


Congratulations! You have been accepted to college!

At this point in your admissions process, you may be juggling a number of higher education options if you’ve received multiple acceptances. How do you make the right choice?

Even if you’ve already visited the campuses before, you may want to travel to them again now that you have your acceptance letter in hand. Now, you’ll see every college in a new way. When you visit after you are accepted, your job is to investigate, probe and ask lots of questions. Here are some activities we highly recommend.

Attend a class during your visit — any class.

Do you like the class size? Does the professor engage with the students, and does he or she know their names? Do the students respond and interact with the professor and other students? Most importantly — can you see yourself in that room?

Talk to a professor.

Chatting with a professor will give you a sense of the relationships that students have with the faculty. These relationships are tremendously important! You want to find a professor who wants to work with undergraduate students, who conducts research and will ask for your help, whom you can approach on campus and ask for advice. You are looking for a college that has professors with a spark — a spark that will help you learn and reach your goals!

Eat in the café.

We’re not just talking about the food! Sure, eat the pizza, grab a salad and see the selection. But more importantly, look around. Are the students hanging out and having fun together? Are they making eye contact and saying hi to each other? Are faculty and students eating together? What’s the vibe like? Do you see yourself at one of those tables?

Chat with Financial Aid before your visit is over.

College is expensive (not that we have to tell you that). Be sure to talk to a financial aid representative to understand your financial aid package. You may be pleasantly surprised! You and your family need to understand the net price of each college to make a great decision. Sitting with someone from Financial Aid will give you a point of contact for future questions.

Most colleges offer events for admitted students to ‘look under the hood.’ If you can’t make one of the scheduled days, call the admissions office. When we accept you, we want you and we’ll do anything we can to help you decide if our college is best for you. And when you know you’ve found the right place, don’t forget to stop at the bookstore and buy some swag!

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