Why transferring to a school in D.C. is good for your future career

Why transferring to a school in D.C. is good for your future career


If you’re thinking of transferring colleges, you may have a list of possible places or ideas of where you’d like to go. A bustling city, or a small college town? A large student population, or a small campus? Whatever your preferences, you should strongly consider putting D.C. at the top of your list.

There’s no better time to be a student in our nation’s capital. Want to know why? Read on to find out.

Job placement in D.C. is top notch

D.C. and its surrounding suburbs are consistently ranked as one of the best areas for college graduates to live. Employee Benefit News ranks Washington as No. 4 in the nation for jump-starting your career, and when considering individual factors it offers the highest overall share of jobs accessible with a bachelor’s degree. Livability has Arlington pegged at No. 2 in the U.S. because of “a thriving economy, plenty of well-paying jobs and a high number of college-educated residents between ages 22 and 29.” And, CoworkingCafe.com lists Arlington as No. 1 nationwide among mid-sized cities (with Alexandria, Va. close behind at No. 5) and Washington itself as No. 4 nationwide for large cities. When you’re a student here, you’ll have many doors open to you — both during and after college! You’ll never be at a loss for finding great job openings in this area with the plethora of companies, organizations, agencies and more. In D.C., the bustling job market is at your fingertips.

Opportunities for internships abound

Internships are your gateway to good employment. And in D.C., the opportunities for internships are endless! Interesting, resumé-building internships are everywhere — and many even pay you. No matter what you’re studying in college, you’re guaranteed to find an internship that will complement your academic pursuits and build your resumé to help you secure that job after graduation. Even during the academic year, you’ll easily find internship opportunities with schedules that will work around your classes. You’ll never be bored with the opportunities here in D.C., as internships that build your experience and resumé are just outside your door.

D.C.’s industries are constantly growing

Washington, D.C., is a hub of economic growth. It’s not just known for government careers anymore. The city is expanding in some of the hottest job markets, like technology, cybersecurity, business, medicine, education and more. Just look at Arlington itself, where Amazon is building its HQ2 right down the road from Marymount. With an ever-expanding job market on the horizon, you’ll be at the forefront of an economic boom and reap the benefits in your future career!

Here in D.C., you’ll be surrounded by unlimited career and internship opportunities, an unmatched network of professionals and mentors as well as cultural and professional learning experiences that will round out your resumé and give you the skills necessary to succeed in whatever field you choose. Employers look for focused students who have real-world experience and ambition. Surrounded by Arlington and D.C., Marymount University is uniquely situated to help transfer students seamlessly transition into the professional world.