WDVM: High school seniors will have a second chance at acceptance at Marymount

WDVM: <em>High school seniors will have a second chance at acceptance at Marymount</em>


As Marymount University’s admissions team was reviewing applications from the class of 2021, University President Dr. Irma Becerra said they saw a drop in grade point averages as soon as the pandemic started.

To increase their chances of college acceptance, students will have the opportunity to take two college-level courses this summer — depending on their needs and intended major — through the so-called Blue Shirt program. If they’re successful, they’re guaranteed admission for the Fall 2021 semester.

Becerra, who is from Cuba, says she had other immigrants in mind when she designed the pilot. The pandemic has affected American minorities in special ways.

“They may have had to jump in and help their parents take care of their siblings so their mom and dad can go to work, and they may have had a much larger impact on their family economics and just a completely different environment for learning,” she said.

Participating students will earn college credits, and the classes will be offered at a reduced cost. The classes and activities will be in-person and online.

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