Ten members of Marymount’s Saudi Students Association travel to Youth Forum in New York

How can we balance purpose with profit?

That question is what drove 300 young people from more than 75 countries to attend the inaugural Misk-OSGEY Youth Forum in New York this September. Participants with an extraordinary commitment to leadership and building a better world gathered at this event to engage in a series of hands-on sessions. These were led by leaders who have made great and positive global impacts during their careers, and featured tips on how to transform businesses and bring about positive change.

In the crowd of hundreds were 10 students from Marymount University’s Saudi Students Association (SSA). They included:

  • Sarah Saeed Alshahrani, President of the SSA
  • Muhannad Almasad
  • Dhawi Albaqami
  • Mashael Al Saud
  • Sara Alghofaily
  • Mohamed Alaidhi
  • Abdulelah Alotaibi
  • Reem Almuqri Ibrahim Alsobay
  • Abdulrahman Alhenaki

Participants had the opportunity to listen and interact with several famous icons during the Youth Forum. Speakers included the President of the French Constitutional Council, Laurent Fabius, football legend for Arsenal and the France national team, Thierry Henry, and Reema bint Bandar bin Sultan bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, a Saudi Arabian princess and the Saudi Arabian ambassador to the United States.

With a mission of redefining the purpose of businesses, empowering youth as entrepreneurs of change and changing both new and existing organizations for good, the focus of the Youth Forum’s organizers is squarely on the 10 years ahead of us.

“In the next decade, humanity, half of which is below the age of 30, must meet the collective challenge of achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s). With their energy, optimism and openness to new technologies, young people can lead the change to achieve the world we want by 2030. Unlike previous generations, young people are redefining the purpose of businesses globally, driven by the conviction that business is key to promoting social good and the sustainability of our planet.”

For more information on the Misk-OSGEY Youth Forum, click here.