Data privacy research from Cybersecurity program published in academic journal

Data privacy research from Cybersecurity program published in renowned academic journal

  In the ever-evolving digital age, safeguarding privacy amidst data and online threats has never been more crucial. The COVID-19 pandemic spurred rapid technological strides to meet the escalating need for real-time insights as the virus spread, which included alternative tracking methods seamlessly integrated into mobile apps to provide up-to-the-minute case counts and other pertinent […]

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Cybersecurity student’s data privacy research earns acclaim

Data privacy research from Cybersecurity student earns acclaim

  In a digital landscape increasingly fraught with cyber threats, the cybersecurity field has surged to the forefront of computer sciences — attracting a wave of professionals ready to confront its ever-shifting challenges. Aspiring cybersecurity scholars are getting involved by crafting methodologies, conducting important research, attending conferences and unveiling insightful work to pave the way […]

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