SGA president-elect Nick Blose speaks on hopes for upcoming year

SGA president-elect Nick Blose speaks on hopes for upcoming year


On April 25, Marymount University’s Student Government Association will hold a swearing-in ceremony for its newly elected student executive board. Among the new executives is president-elect Nick Blose, who will succeed current SGA president and graduating senior Nicholas Mariel.

Blose, a Criminal Justice major from Emmaus, Pa. who plans to attend law school after graduation, is heavily involved in campus life — serving as SGA treasurer during the 2023-24 academic year, representing the Student Athletics Committee and competing on Marymount’s Men’s Volleyball team.

SGA president-elect Nick Blose speaks on hopes for upcoming year

His decision to join student government stemmed from a desire to help solve problems in the community.

“I joined SGA because I liked the idea of being able to have a voice in the school,” Blose said. “And being a small school, Marymount really values student input.”

As he prepares to transition into the SGA president role, Blose plans to use his leadership and interpersonal skills to enact bold change. At the top of a robust agenda for issues to tackle this upcoming year is improving student government’s impact and transparency, which includes updating the SGA constitution and bylaws to make it easier for students to pass more positive initiatives for the University.

Blose also wants to find new ways to elevate the student experience. He hopes to work with the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA) to provide U-Pass Metro cards for Marymount students to increase their mobility and take greater advantage of the University’s capital location

“Especially for students with internships or those commuting, having a pass provided through the University could help students take full advantage of the opportunities the D.C. area provides,” Blose said. 

He also plans to work with Dining Services to create daily online menus of dining hall offerings to create a more curated and efficient dining experience, especially for students with dietary restrictions.

Regarding the larger Marymount community, Blose hopes to get alumni more involved in their alma mater as well.

“Whether it’s encouraging them to give back financially or as mentors and references for students, I think utilizing our alumni more and building a stronger alumni network can only strengthen the Marymount community,” he explained.

Blose says he has always been a natural leader, and hopes to bring his philosophy of servant leadership to the role.

SGA president-elect Nick Blose speaks on hopes for upcoming year

“For me, leadership is about being that person that anyone can rely on,” Blose said. “It’s about being that person that people can trust with their issues, knowing that I’ll do everything in my power to see that it gets done or addressed.”

But Blose will not make decisions and pass new proposals alone. He plans to rely on fellow members of the executive board and class senators to spearhead initiatives that address student concerns and create positive change for the University now and in the future. 

With several spots still open for class senator positions, Blose encourages students to take advantage of the opportunity to serve in student government. 

“Change starts with the students,” Blose said. “Your college experience is 110 percent up to you, so take advantage of the opportunities you have to get involved at the University and in the community. Any student interested, from incoming freshmen up to rising seniors, are welcome and encouraged to join SGA.”

Students interested in joining SGA can contact Stephen Esposito at or the Student Government Association at