Professor Donald F Lavanty, J.D. Publishes “The Political Aspects of Healthcare”

Professor Donald F Lavanty, J.D. Professor of Health Care Management and Legal Administration at the School of Business Administration at Marymount University has published a book, “The Political Aspects of Healthcare” – available now. The text reflects the major political factors that affect the national attempt to develop a healthcare system that works for all. Professor Lavanty has spent his entire career involved on healthcare policy and political science.

As a consultant for healthcare associations working on all the healthcare laws from Medicare, the Health Manpower Act, Budget Reconciliation, Clinton healthcare efforts and the Affordable Healthcare Act, Donald Lavanty had a front-row seat from which to witness the politics and policies motivating each action. This volume was written from that experience, which was first documented in the course on the Political Aspects of Healthcare, employing the analogy that these various legislative actions to connect the system are like attempting to build a canal connecting the Amazon and Nile rivers: a long and difficult process. The title examines ongoing efforts to create and maintain a workable solution to the conflicts inherent in the US healthcare system from all angles, conflicts that arise due to the nature of our democratic government in which healthcare policies change based on the position of the voting majority in Congress at the time any action is taken.