Placemakr Marymount Ballston utilizes Amazon’s Just Walk Out technology

Placemakr Marymount Ballston utilizes Amazon’s Just Walk Out technology


Placemakr Marymount Ballston is set to open a new convenience store powered by Amazon’s Just Walk Out technology.

Located in the lobby of Placemakr at Marymount’s Ballston Center campus, the new convenience shop — Saints 24 — will allow guests and student residents to have access to this technology and a range of healthy food and other convenience items, showcasing a commitment to improving the overall hotel experience.

Marymount successfully debuted its main campus Saints 24 store last year and is partnering with Placemakr to bring the experience to Ballston. Amazon’s Just Walk Out technology will house shoppable items that include snacks, beverages, beer and wine, travel products like toothbrushes, and Marymount University gear.  

“We are proud to once again lead the charge of incorporating Amazon’s Just Walk Out technology at Marymount University. In support of our extended stay hotel, Placemakr Marymount Ballston, and in collaboration with our partners, our Ballston Center campus will utilize this technology to improve selection and enhance the experience of our students and guests,” said Dr. Irma Becerra, President of Marymount University. “Marymount is fully embracing a tech-forward future and striving to bring partnerships to the University to fulfill this vision.” 

Placemakr Marymount Ballston utilizes Amazon’s Just Walk Out technology
Rendering of Saints 24 in Placemakr Marymount Ballston, courtesy of Collective Architecture

The decision to implement Amazon’s Just Walk Out technology was driven by the demand for grab-and-go items within the Ballston area, along with a lack of nearby grocery options. With the addition of Saints 24 in the Placemakr lobby, a store that’s conveniently accessible around the clock, guests won’t have to leave the hotel to grab any essentials they would need during their stay. 

The guest enters the store by using their credit card or mobile wallet at the entry gate. The technology detects what shoppers take from or return to the shelves and creates a virtual shopping session. When the guest completes the shopping experience, they can simply leave the store without waiting in line. Their preselected chosen payment method gets charged for the items taken. 

“As a next step in Placemakr’s commitment to tech-ease solutions, we knew introducing Amazon’s Just Walk Out technology would unlock new comforts for our guests, providing them with everything they’d need during their stay,” remarked Jason Fudin, CEO and cofounder at Placemakr. “As this is a first for our properties, we look forward to expanding our capabilities to additional locations and continuing to further our technological growth in the hospitality space.” 

Placemakr Marymount Ballston will host a grand opening ceremony event for Saints 24 on Friday, April 26.