Partnering Leadership: Leading with a passion for education with Dr. Irma Becerra

Dr. Irma Becerra's podcast


In this episode of Partnering Leadership, Dr. Irma Becerra, the seventh president of Marymount University, talks about her journey becoming a higher education leader, her research in knowledge management, how to see setbacks as opportunities for growth and her vision for the future of Marymount University.

Some highlights:

  • Irma Becerra shares how her upbringing as a Cuban-American has impacted the kind of leader she has become
  • How a setback allowed Dr. Becerra to form a partnership with her future research funder
  • What knowledge management is and why it is so impactful to organizations
  • How Marymount University adapted and pivoted throughout the pandemic to meet the needs of the students
  • Irma Becerra’s vision for the future for Marymount University, innovations for new programmatic offerings and the University’s role in the Greater Washington, D.C., DMV region
  • Becerra’s advice for leaders

Click here to listen to Dr. Becerra’s “Changemaker” podcast.