MU Professor Appointed to be Commissioner on EDC for Arlington County

On December 18, 2018 the Arlington County Board appointed Marymount Assistant Professor Dr. Carlo J. Ninassi to serve a three-year term as a Commissioner on the Economic Development Commission (EDC) for the county. Carlo is an Assistant Professor with the School of Business and Technology and intends to be advocate for all of Arlington County but especially Marymount. His background in architecture/real estate development, management consulting and academia will bring a rich expertise to the EDC.

“Marymount and Arlington County have a rich history,” Ninassi said. “The school is based here and is part of the fabric of the county. Being an option of ‘academic excellence’ to a student begins with awareness. But I intend to share the many positive attributes Marymount offers. In the Nation’s Capital politics and perception are much aligned. We must shift the MU perception of a small school of limitation to the reality of a small, elegant institution with great opportunity.”

Ninassi plans to use his position to spread the word on the high quality programs Marymount offers.

“Programs in education and nursing are excellent and most reputable,” Ninassi said. “The interior design program is the only certified program in the DMV. Most people do not know that fact. Our cyber program is growing and becoming recognized on several fronts in several ways. Having such programs like these bring a uniqueness of a quality education to the region.”

Another aspect of Marymount that Ninassi will tout will be the value of the small class sizes and individual attention offered. 

“Students will not get lost in the crowd,” Ninassi said. Marymount offers “small class size, expert faculty, modern facilities and edgy academics. My advocacy of Marymount is to tell these success stories, these case studies to others in the county. So as I work with my colleagues on the commission and the people throughout the county, I intend to show them how we are qualified to be an important part of any educational program in the county, in the DMV, and beyond.”