Marymount Professor Receives Fulbright Specialist Award

Dr. Pramila Rao of Marymount University is constantly looking for ways to improve her teaching. Now, thanks to a Fulbright Specialist Award, the associate professor of human resource management will be traveling to other countries both to teach and learn.

“This is a wonderful opportunity to broaden my experience,” Rao said.

The five-year award will allow Rao to teach at overseas institutions for two to six weeks and network to identify potential projects or workshops she could provide. The Fulbright Specialist Program will cover the cost of trips, accommodations and provide per diem expenses.

“I’m always looking for cross-cultural insights because I teach global HR management and international management,” she said. “It’s wonderful that I’ll be able to bring back personal anecdotes to share with my students. This will also allow me to teach to a wider audience.”

With Marymount’s diverse student body, Rao often teaches international students, particularly at the undergraduate level.

“I’m very interactive with my teaching methods,” she said, adding that those methods include debates, Socratic seminars, case studies and article discussions. “I’ve found that international students aren’t always comfortable participating.”

Two years ago Rao began researching learning methods that students from other cultures might prefer. The Fulbright Specialist Award is a means toward that end.

“I want to learn how I can better teach my students,” she said.

Rao received her bachelor of arts degree from Women’s Christian College in India, her MBA from Grand Valley State University and her Ph.D. in human resource management from George Washington University.

“I feel like a student again,” Rao said. “Even though you’ve been faculty for so many years, you get a real rush of excitement from an opportunity like this.”

Photo caption:
Dr. Pramila Rao