Marymount Professor Makes Case for Women in STEM in the U.A.E.

Marymount University’s Dr. Diane Murphy believes so strongly that women are needed in science, technology, engineering and math disciplines that she’s willing to travel halfway around the globe to make the case. The professor of information management was recently part of an international Security Forum in the United Arab Emirates.

“Bridging the Cybersecurity Talent Gap” was held in Abu Dhabi with the goal of “bringing together government officials, educators, and employers to work to inspire the cybersecurity talent of tomorrow.”

“The U.A.E. is trying to make itself the leader in the field in the Middle East,” Murphy said. “And they realize if they’re going to do that they have to include females. It was a wonderful event.”

Marymount is doing its part. The Arlington liberal arts college has a handful of students from that country studying forensic computing on United Arab Emirates police scholarships.

A member of Marymount’s faculty since 2002, Murphy chairs the Department of Information Technology, Management Sciences and Cybersecurity. Her research interests include data science, health care informatics, and cybersecurity, including privacy and security in the supply chain. She is active in the promotion of STEM education, including the award of CyberCorpsSFS scholarships at the university. One of her primary interests is the inclusion of women, minorities and veterans in STEM careers, including cybersecurity.

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