MU joins Employers of National Service network to boost talent pipeline

Marymount University joins the Employers of National Service network


Demonstrating that hiring alumni of national service programs is a high priority for the institution, Marymount University has been accepted as a partner of the Employers of National Service network. An initiative that connects AmeriCorps and Peace Corps alumni with employers from every sector to create recruitment, hiring and advancement opportunities, the network gives Marymount access to a pool of dedicated, highly qualified and mission-oriented talent who can translate their skills to the workplace.

“The faculty and staff members of Marymount consistently strive for excellence in carrying out the University’s vision and mission – so when looking for new members to join our team, we seek out individuals who personify qualities such as integrity, professionalism and respect,” explained Barry Harte, Vice President for Finance and Operations & Treasurer at Marymount University. “With the diverse experiences and skills that alumni of AmeriCorps and Peace Corps bring to the table, we are confident that qualified applicants from those programs will fit in very well here at Marymount.”

After joining the Employers of National Service network, all job postings on the University’s careers page on Workday now illustrate how Marymount values service in the community: “all active members of the military, veterans, AmeriCorps, Peace Corps and national service alumni are encouraged to apply.”

“We are proud to be involved with an initiative that is closely connected to one of our core values – service to others,” said Kendra Gillespie, Chief Human Resources Officer at Marymount University. “We’re always looking for faculty and staff who are passionate about providing excellent service to ensure a high-quality student experience and collaborative working environment, and alumni of these respected national service programs have already proven themselves as model leaders and excellent candidates for future positions at Marymount.”

The University has numerous alumni of national service programs already on its faculty and staff. Dr. Jennifer Gray, Associate Professor of Education, served for two years at the Chicago-based Amate House through AmeriCorps. There, she filled the roles of first and second-grade teacher, ESL support teacher, adult language and literacy program coordinator/instructor and liturgical music minister at St. Agnes of Bohemia Parish and School in the city’s Little Village neighborhood.

“It is difficult to describe the enormous impact that my experiences as an AmeriCorps volunteer have had on my career trajectory and my life in general,” Dr. Gray said. “I fell in love with teaching and became committed to a life of serving others as an educator. I was also able to witness firsthand the unique challenges that English Language Learners of all ages face when learning to read, write and speak English, as well as the struggles that many teachers face when trying to provide the support that ELL students need to become successful readers, writers and speakers of English.”

“These experiences led me to pursue research related to literacy instruction for ELL students and support for the teachers of ELL students.”

Dr. Jennifer Gray coaching a girl's basketball team at St. Agnes of Bohemia School
Dr. Jennifer Gray coaching a girl’s basketball team at St. Agnes of Bohemia School


Meanwhile, fellow Professor of Education Dr. Elizabeth Langran gained national service experience with the Peace Corps, traveling to Morocco and teaching Spoken English, Composition, Basic English and American Civilization courses at Université Moulay Ismail.

“My Peace Corps experience opened up a new continent for me. In addition to living in Morocco, I took a trip to Tanzania via Egypt and Kenya – and after I completed my Peace Corps service, I spent a few months traveling around West Africa with some other Peace Corps friends,” Dr. Langran recalled. “I developed an appreciation and love for the diverse range of cultures, languages and environments that are found on the continent.”

While her service with the Peace Corps provided Dr. Langran with her first visit to Africa, it wouldn’t be her last. Since then, she has taken high school students to Morocco, guided Marymount student trips to Senegal and Uganda, led university faculty training workshops for educational technology in South Africa and Botswana and coordinated a four-year USAID project in Senegal to partner with a new rural university and primary school. Currently, Dr. Langran is heavily involved in the Marymount School of Education’s partnership with REACH for Uganda to support teachers in rural areas.

Dr. Elizabeth Langran during her time in Morocco with the Peace Corps
Dr. Elizabeth Langran during her time in Morocco with the Peace Corps


More than 1 million individuals have participated in AmeriCorps over the past 25 years and more than 215,000 have served in the Peace Corps, making a lasting impact on these individuals and the communities in which they served.

AmeriCorps engages more than 75,000 men and women in intensive service each year through more than 15,000 nonprofits, schools, public agencies and community and faith‐based groups across the country. Meanwhile, the Peace Corps – as the preeminent international service organization of the U.S. – sends Americans abroad to tackle the most pressing needs of people around the world.

For more information, click here to visit the Employers of National Service website.