Marymount alumni collaborate with Dr. Rajdev to develop at-home STEM activities for K-8 students

In an effort to continue teaching and learning under the current circumstances, we recognize the needs for parents, families and students to conduct a variation of activities to enhance and motivate students learning from the homefront. We are sharing several resources for you to implement, or allow your student to conduct the activities. Please note some will require adult supervision. We leave this to your discretion.


Marymount University alumni, Rachel Cotton and Sarah Roegner, who are currently teachers at Fairfax County Public Schools, collaborated with Marymount’s Dr. Usha Rajdev on “STEMifying” homeschooling. They have been working on several projects over the years to help teachers in Uganda and Virginia make hands-on curriculum easily accessible for students and their families. There is a plethora of information online, but this resource is unique as it narrows the field and relates online resources by topics and grades K-8. Activities are age appropriately connected to websites, games, songs, research, engineering and design. These activities are streamlined to enhance learning at home. More will be coming each week, so check back regularly!