Marymount’s Pink Dinner Benefits National Breast Cancer Foundation

For four years and counting the Pink Dinner at Marymount University has raised awareness on campus and in the community about breast cancer, early detection and treatment options. This year’s event, held Oct. 5 in Marymount’s Lee Center Rec Gym, raised more than $4,200.
     Organized by the school’s Southside RAs, the event was spearheaded by Jarrett Miller, a third year RA in Ostapenko Residence Hall. The event originated when a Southside RA was directly affected by breast cancer and wanted to bring about awareness and make a difference in the lives of others affected by the disease.
    The Pink Dinner has continued to grow, with more than 300 tickets sold this year. In addition to the money raised, more than $1,500 in in-kind donations were received, ranging from food to decorations. All the donated money went to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, which focuses on access to mammograms and breast cancer education.
     The local group Bosom Buddy Baskets, which makes care packages for cancer patients, spoke at the event. Student support was bolstered by Vice President for Student Affairs Linda McMurdock, Dean of Student Services Christina Rajmaira, Kelly DeSenti and numerous other faculty, staff members and coaches. President Matthew Shank also made a generous donation.
 Learn more about the National Breast Cancer Foundation at