Make the most of your summer with Marymount’s academic camps

Academic camps at Marymount University


It’s finally summer — a time for poolside parties, barbecues and beach vacations that you’ve been looking forward to for months. But while all of these are well-deserved opportunities to relax and recharge, your summer has the potential for more.

If you’re a rising high school junior or senior, you can get ahead and prepare yourself for your collegiate studies. With Marymount University’s Academic Camps, you’ll have the opportunity to transform your summer into one full of personal and academic growth. Here are four reasons why you should consider investing part of your summer into taking college courses.

Explore new interests at Marymount’s Academic Camps

The typical high school curriculum focuses on the fundamentals that students need to know before going to college. As a high schooler, you probably found there were few opportunities to take elective classes — but learning a new subject on top of all the other stressors of high school probably wasn’t at the top of your priorities. Exposing yourself to new areas of study before you start college can help you decide where to focus your studies once you start (even if it’s by process of elimination). Marymount’s summer programs allow high school students to explore topics such as Communication, Engineering, Biology and Criminal Justice that are rarely covered to the same extent in high schools.

Get a head start

Students who complete Marymount’s summer courses earn three college credits, which can free up time for other classes and activities once you officially start college. You’ll get ahead for upcoming semesters and potentially get some course requirements out of the way. Having a college-level course on your résumé before you even step on campus will help you stand out to college admissions officers. After all, nothing says ‘I can excel in college classes’ quite like ‘I already have.’ Finally, these programs give you a chance to connect with others who share your interests.

Get an authentic experience

Students in Marymount’s summer programs live in a dorm, eat in the cafeteria and spend time with their peers on campus, getting a real preview of what campus life is like. It could be a great test run if you’re still deciding how you envision your college experience.

With Marymount’s Academic Camps, you can keep your flexible summer schedule

If you’re worried that taking a summer class will feel like an extension of the school year that you need a break from, don’t be! Marymount’s summer academic camps are structured through two-week, intensive courses with classes lasting from 9 am-5 pm and including evening assignments, field trips and group activities. The rest of your summer will be wide open, and you’ll have earned three college credits in just half a month!

Whether your goal is to try something new, get a head start or simply get a taste of campus life, tackling a summer class will only help you as a first-year student down the road. Skipping a few trips to the pool just might be the right strategic move for your academic success.