Interior Design Community Comes Together for Marymount Alumna

Recently, the Marymount and DC design communities have come together to support a Marymount alum in need. Livi Pejo, an Interior Design 2014 alumna and designer at the DC firm IA was critically injured when she was hit by a car in the fall of 2017. She suffered very serious injuries and will require a long road to recovery. The organization Love4Livi was set up to help raise funds to support her care. The Marymount and DC design communities have joined together to support her with two fundraisers to help her family with medical costs.

Marymount Interior Design faculty, students, and alumni participated in the 2018 International Interior Design Association (IIDA) Cosmo Couture. This year’s beneficiary was Love4Livi. Produced by the Washington Metro City Center of the IIDA Mid Atlantic Chapter, Cosmo Couture is recognized as one of the DC’s top design industry charity events that donates a portion of proceeds to a local charity. 

The event attracted over 800 attendees to experience a show of beautiful fashions using interior design building products, textiles, and materials designed and crafted by local architecture and interior design firms. Many talented Marymount Interior Design alumni were on the design teams partnering with product manufacturers for materials used in the designs. Marymount Associate Professor of Interior Design Moira Denson served as a juror for the awards. Professor Thea Scott-Fundling and many Interior Design thesis students joined in the event.

“One of the best parts of serving as a juror for this event was seeing so many talented Marymount Interior Design Alumni represented on the teams,” said Denson. “They are professionals using their talents in a unique way to support a member of the design and Marymount community.” 

The second event to help Livi was the Herman Miller Showroom Fundraiser. Marymount matched the fundraising efforts of the School of Design, Arts, and Humanities to allow 10 alumni and faculty who knew Livi to attend the event.

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