Incoming freshman and aspiring nurse receives four-year scholarship to attend Marymount

As the need for more nurses and frontline health care providers continues to soar nationally and internationally during the COVID-19 pandemic, a new Marymount student who hopes to join the nursing workforce now has a financial pathway to make that dream come true.
Marymount University freshman Britany Morales is a recipient of the Goodwin House Scholarship from the Scholarship Fund of Alexandra (SFA), which will provide $12,000 in scholarship funds over the course of her four years of study. Described as bright, conscientious and persistent by her teachers at T.C. Williams High School, Morales completed her Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) certificate and is now planning to earn a Nursing degree.
During her high school career, Morales worked part-time at Goodwin House Alexandria in order to support her family and her future college education.
“I come from a family of six kids, so this award means a lot to me and my family,” Morales said. “I have wanted to study Nursing at Marymount since I first heard about the program, so I can become a labor and delivery nurse or a physician’s assistant.”
This year, the SFA awarded college scholarships to 181 graduating seniors from T.C. Williams. They assist students with financial need who will be attending college in Fall 2020, and continue to support them through all four years of college to help ensure they obtain their degree. As the pandemic continues to financially impact large sections of the population, the organization’s officials say these scholarships are needed now more than ever by students and their families.
“We are so very proud of the next generation of nurses, doctors, business leaders, computer scientists, recording artists, biologists and professors who are heading off to college this fall thanks to the generosity of this community,” said Beth Lovain, SFA’s Executive Director. “It has been an extraordinary year wrought with challenges on all sides. We are so very happy to be able to fund these students in their first year of college.”
These scholarships and financial aid advising are provided to students of Alexandria City Public Schools. The SFA is a nonprofit organization that has awarded $16.5 million in scholarships to students since 1986. Click here for more information.