Hungary Today: Széchenyi University signs cooperation agreement with American Marymount University

This week, between the 29th of September and the 1st of October, a delegation from the Marymount University in Arlington, Virginia visited the Széchenyi István University in Gy?r to talk about future opportunities for double degrees, joint research, as well as student and teacher exchanges, following a cooperation agreement between the two institutions back in March.
In the spring, a delegation from the Széchenyi István University visited Marymount University in Arlington, where they signed a cooperation agreement. The agreement was signed on the Hungarian side by Eszter Lukács, Deputy Rector of Education of the Széchenyi University, and on the American side by Irma Becerra, the newly appointed Rector of Marymount University.
Established in 1950, Marymount University is a private Catholic university located in Arlington, Virginia, primarily dedicated to business, IT education, and health and law enforcement training.
During the current visit, leaders, board members, and lecturers from the two universities discussed the conditions and opportunities for student and teacher exchanges, double degree possibilities, joint research, training, and other collaborations.
In addition to discussions on the possible cooperation between the two universities, the delegation visited the Audi Hungaria plant in Gy?r. Following the visit, they had the opportunity to speak with Dávid Fekete, deputy mayor of Gy?r, followed by a meeting with András Veres, Bishop of the Diocese of Gy?r.
The delegation then visited the Pannonhalma Archabbey, where they met with Fr. Albin Juhász-Laczik, Head of Pannonhalma Benedictine High School and the Archabbot of Pannonhalma, Prior Cirill Tamás Hortobágyi, O.S.B.
On the third day of the visit, a Criminal Justice Workshop and Conference was held, opened by Péter Földesi, Rector of Széchenyi István University, while the keynote speech was held by Katalin Szili, Ministerial Envoy.
Although Marymount University is a smaller institution than Széchenyi István University, it has a similar structure, and similarly to its Hungarian partner, it considers international relations and cooperation to be an important aspect in its operation. Internationalization is an inherent part of Széchenyi University as well, and one of the institution’s most important goals is to be at the forefront in this aspect among the universities in the country.

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