Getting the most out of your college visits while in high school

Getting the most out of your college visits while in high school


The campus visit is an absolute must, and it plays a very important part of the college decision process — you are choosing your home for the next four years. If you talk to any college student about why they chose their school, they might say something like, ‘it was the perfect fit!’ or ‘it just felt right.’ How did they find this ‘perfect’ school? By visiting!

Here are some tips that will help you get the most out of your college visits.

Pick the schools you want to visit.

Make a list of the schools you would like to visit. If you can visit all of them, great! If not, narrow it down to a few schools that you are really interested in. Make sure that the ones you do visit exhibit different characteristics — big vs. small, rural vs. urban, etc. Seeing both ends of the spectrum will help you decide what you want, or don’t want, in a school.

Research the schools before your college visits.

Before you jump in the car, do a little homework. Visit these schools’ websites to get a sense of what they’re all about. Then, think — what questions do you have that you didn’t find answers to on the website? Write these down and take them with you.

Meet and greet.

While you are visiting, check with the Admissions office and see if you can set up an interview with an Admissions Counselor. This is a great way for the Admissions Counselor to put a face to a name! It’s also a great opportunity to ask the more difficult questions, such as how many students come back after their first year, how your ability to pay for college will affect your acceptance into the school, etc.

Wondering what you should wear? Business casual is always a safe bet, but don’t let that deter you from expressing yourself! (You may, however, want to leave the ripped jeans and sweatshirts at home.)

Tour the campus.

As you begin your tour, we recommend starting at the Admissions office. Most schools have students leading the tours, and they’re a great resource for information. Ask them questions about life outside of the classroom, too — they can give you an idea of what the campus culture is like. While you are on tour, imagine yourself as a student living in a dorm, eating in the dining halls and sitting in the classrooms at this university for the next four years.

Ask questions during your college visits.

Remember those questions you wrote down when you were doing your initial research about each school? Make sure you get answers to all of them before you go home. Take advantage of speaking with an Admissions Counselor, a current student or a professor while you are on campus. If you can, exchange contact information — when you leave campus and have new questions, you can continue to get answers.

Don’t be discouraged if you complete all of the college visits on your list and still aren’t sure which you liked best. In fact, we recommend visiting again after you’ve been accepted. But by asking the right questions, exploring the campus and meeting students and faculty, you’ll be equipped to make an informed decision. Good luck, and have fun!

And while you’re here — don’t forget that Marymount University is nestled just a few Metro stops from downtown D.C., and we are thrilled to offer a remarkable education that’s focused on a unique academic experience near one of the most incredible cities for both interns and recent college graduates. We hope you’ll schedule a visit with us soon!