Dr. Holly Karapetkova attends literary arts conference in Florida

Dr. Holly Karapetkova gave a poetry reading and presentation at The Other Words Conference last week in Tampa, Florida. The Other Words Conference, sponsored by the Florida Literary Arts Coalition, brings together educators, writers, editors, publishers, grant administrators, directors of writers’ retreats, and other interested groups and individuals with the goal of advancing the literary arts. The theme of this year’s conference was “Water: flood, fish, drought, swim, drink, rain, rivers, tears, dams, oceans, and other sundry wetness.” Dr. Karapetkova read from recent poems on a panel sponsored by Kestrel Journal, and she also presented as part of a panel focused on how landlocked poets draw on and employ intimate bodies of water in their poetry. For an example of Dr. Karapetkova’s work, see her prose poem “Another Immigrant Story,” recently published in the Hawai’i Pacific Review.  (Image credit: Holly Karapetkova)