Dr. Brian Flanagan Receives 2019 Excellence in Publishing Award

The Association of Catholic Publishers, an organization that seeks to provide visibility to, advocacy for, and sustainability of published Catholic content, has awarded Dr. Flanagan’s book, Stumbling into Holiness: Sin and Sanctity in the Church (2018), the first prize in the category of theology in the 2019 Excellence in Publishing Awards. Read the full press release about the award here.
Earlier this year, Dr. Brian Flanagan, was honored to be the 2019 Msgr. Phillip J. Murnion Lecturer at the March 29, 2019 Catholic Common Ground Initiative. His talk, “Dialogue in a Humbled Church,” reflected sections of his book and highlighted the need for the Catholic church to combat polarization in the church and country through a humble approach to dialogue.
Dr. Flanagan also lauded the dialogue practiced by the Catholic Common Ground initiative and said it was a “key practice” in establishing the humility he calls for. For more details about Dr. Flanagan’s Murnion Lecture talk, you can read more in this National Catholic Reporter Article.
These honors and attention Dr. Flanagan and his book are receiving are indicative of the leadership and high level of scholarly rigor he brings to the Marymount Community. We invite our community to join us in congratulating him on these accomplishments.
Dr. Brian P. Flanagan’s (Associate Professor of Theology) book, Stumbling into Holiness: Sin and Sanctity in the Church (2018), is a new scholarly monograph recently published by Liturgical Press. This timely, important book examines the Church as it brings holiness to the world and wrestles with its own sin.