Doctoral cybersecurity students to present at Cybersecurity Summit

Doctorate of Science in Cybersecurity (D.Sc.) students Zelalem Mengistu, Pipop Nuangpookka, Gregory Liu and Phuong Nguyen have been invited to present their work on “Hardware Tampering Security Risks in the Supply Chain” at McAfee’s 2019 MPOWER Cybersecurity Summit in Las Vegas.

The summit is an annual gathering of thought leaders who collaborate to identify best practices in the quickly-evolving cybersecurity field. It will be held from Oct. 1 through Oct. 3 this year, and will focus on the challenges and complexities connected with today’s rapidly shifting threatscape, as well as finding viable solutions for our greatest digital challenges. 

During this summit, top-notch cybersecurity experts and policy makers will convene to strategize, network and learn about the newest and most innovative ways to ward off advanced cyberattacks. Gen. Colin L. Powell (Ret.) and former Secretary of State Madeleine K. Albright will be among the keynote presenters.

“The students’ presentation is important because breaches anywhere along the hardware supply chain…sources, vendors, transportation…have major impacts on companies and consumers,” said Dr. Donna M. Schaeffer, Professor of Information Management.

“Our paper will try to address the various challenges associated with hardware tampering and flaws associated with the global supply chain,” said Nuangpookka, also a Marymount staff member. “If these security flaws are not mitigated…they will become an Achilles heel and ultimately jeopardize the ecosystem of the global supply chain.”