Celebrating Faculty and Student-Faculty Scholarship 2017-2018

Please join us in celebrating the impressive accomplishments of our Marymount faculty. This report documents the many books, journal articles, external conference presentations, and external grants and awards of our faculty during the 2017-2018 academic year. The report also provides the “stories” behind a few representative projects. We wish we could provide the stories behind every work cited in this document. But, know there are similar stories of outstanding dedication, disciplinary excellence and intellectual vitality behind each and every scholarly work listed in this report.

The works of the Marymount faculty span a broad and diverse range of topics, including health and wellness, cybersecurity, humanities, emerging technologies, literature, history, politics, communication and philosophy/theology, just to name a few. Faculty have presented their work at conferences across the United States as well as in South Africa, Australia, Ireland, Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom and the Netherlands. Faculty have worked with students in 25 different summer research projects.

These accomplishments enrich the academic life of Marymount University and the learning experiences and opportunities of our students. Our students, as active participants with faculty in the creation of knowledge, art and innovation, are well-equipped to excel in their professions and to contribute to their communities. We hope you will take a few minutes to review the achievements of Marymount’s faculty. These faculty members are truly accomplished and dedicated scholars and teachers.

Rita Wong Ed.D., P.T., F.A.P.T.A. Associate Provost, Research and Graduate Education Jeanne Matthews, Ph.D., R.N. Interim Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs