Advice from MU Admissions on beginning your college journey

Advice from MU Admissions on beginning your college journey


When you begin your first semester of college, it can feel like you’re entering a whole new world — and that can be both thrilling and intimidating, depending on your personality and expectations. But with the right guidance ahead of time, you’ll be ready to put your best foot forward in your academics, extracurriculars, social life and more.

Aubrey Weaver, Marymount University’s Director of Admissions, answered the questions below in order to give those looking forward to starting their collegiate careers the best advice and tips. Read on!

From your perspective in admissions, what’s your best advice for all first-year students at Marymount University?

Aubrey: Take advantage of the opportunities available to you at Marymount to explore intellectual curiosity, service to others and a global perspective. Join a campus organization, take a course in a subject area you haven’t studied or ask a classmate to have lunch with you.

What are your top 5 tips to get the most from your course?

Aubrey: Attend every class. Go to office hours. Take detailed notes. Prepare for exams early. Form study groups.

How should students work to develop relations with a faculty member?

Aubrey: Be actively involved in your classes and ask questions. Attend faculty office hours to ask clarifying questions and get to know your professors.

Who are the most important staff members (who aren’t professors) that students should get to know as they set out on their college journey?

Aubrey: Find a mentor on campus. That may be a staff member who studied the same major as you when they were in college, or someone who has a similar background as you who can provide guidance about navigating college as a first-generation student or a member of a particular community. Make connections across campus. Those of us who work on college campuses want to help students and are invested in their success.

What is the best way for students to discover organizations or activities outside of their studies, from your admissions perspective?

Aubrey: Ask older students about the organizations they are involved in and attend Engagement Expos and informational meetings with different organizations.

What advice do you give students on discovering their major?

Aubrey: Take courses in as many subject areas that interest you as possible. You have time to decide what you want to study, so explore lots of options. You might be surprised by how much you enjoy an unexpected subject!

How can students get help if they are stressed, depressed or overwhelmed?

Aubrey: Use the resources on campus, like peer tutoring or Student Counseling Services. Don’t be afraid to ask for the help and support you need.

What admissions advice would you give to students that are now starting the application process?

Aubrey: Each college and university has different application processes and opportunities. Reach out to the Office of Admissions if you have questions, or even better, visit campus. We’re here to help!