“A Walk with Marymount’s Provost” Provost promotes communication and collegiality

If you see the Provost, Dr. Hesham El-Rewini, walking across campus on Fridays between 10:00 AM and 11:00 AM, he’s not just out there for his health. He’ll likely be deep in conversation with a member of the Marymount staff or faculty.

Dr. El-Rewini began his role as Marymount’s Provost in July 2019 and he has already played a crucial role implementing our Marymount strategic plan. In addition to leading the charge with strategic plan initiatives, the Provost has made it a focus to better communicate and share ideas across campus. “Walk with the Provost” is just one of the initiatives Dr. El-Rewini has started to facilitate this. He has also began meeting with faculty and staff for “Tea with El-Rewini” every Monday between 2:00 PM and 3:00 PM. These have been wonderful opportunities to strengthen the Marymount community and for Dr. Rewini to get to hear from attendees one on one, face to face.

Above are images of staff and faculty members partaking in these events with Dr. El-Rewini. When asked about the event, Anne Stancil, a Planning and Institutional Effectiveness staff member stated, “I think it is great that the Provost is providing this opportunity to listen and get to know faculty and staff outside of the usual business meetings. I would encourage everyone to take tea or a walk with the Provost. He is easy to speak with and enjoys meeting everyone.”

Walking with the Provost will always begin at the Provost’s Office on main campus. Tea with El-Rewini will rotate from main campus, Ballston Center, and the 4040 Fairfax Drive building. Whether you are interested in meeting with the Provost for a walk, or to chat over some tea, you can reach out to Karen in the Office of the Provost via email to ask questions. Otherwise, the Provost will meet with those who attend on a first-come, first-serve basis.