6 myths (you should ignore) about transferring colleges

6 myths (you should ignore) about transferring colleges


If you’re a college student who has decided to transfer to Marymount University (or even if you’re still contemplating whether to transfer or not), you’ve probably heard the many misconceived notions that go along with transferring colleges. But don’t worry, we’re here to dispel some of those myths so that you have fewer things to worry about!

Myth 1: It’s unusual to transfer schools in higher ed, right?

Nope! It’s extremely normal for college students to transfer colleges. There are many more people than you probably realize that have plans to transfer to a different school at varying points in their college journey. Whether this is due to an unhappiness with their current program or a feeling that they will fit in better at a different university, try to remember that transferring colleges is much more common than you may realize!

Myth 2: I’m not going to make any friends.

First of all, college is one of the best places to make friends — whether you’re a transfer student or not! Just remember that people are as friendly as you are to them. Friendships certainly don’t form overnight, but if you introduce yourself to your classmates and go out of your way to attend student events, you will be more likely to meet like-minded individuals and make friends that way.

Myth 3: I won’t be able to graduate on time or with my peers.

While transferring colleges can put you behind academically, it’s most certainly possible to graduate on time and with your peers! With some strategic planning and hard work, you’ll be walking across that graduation stage in no time!

Myth 4: If I’m unsatisfied with my current college, I won’t be happy anywhere else.

Look — as a college student, you’re in a really important and, yes, sometimes chaotic phase of life. So, as a young adult, sometimes you’re going to experience feelings of dissatisfaction and misplacement, and that’s totally okay! But just because you’re not happy at your current school doesn’t mean that a different school can’t better fit your needs and your interests. Before you write off attending another school, do some campus visits and chat with your friends who are enjoying their varying college experiences!

Myth 5: It’ll look negative for my future résumé if I transfer schools.

Not at all! It definitely won’t look negative if you transfer colleges. When you’re applying to a graduate program or if you’re applying to an entry-level job, you might be asked why you decided to transfer colleges, but as long as you have an honest and thought-out answer, transferring colleges should have no negative impact on your future.

Myth 6: I have no idea how to start the transfer process, and there’s no one to help me.

Okay, you should ignore this common myth. There are so many resources for students considering a college transfer! Transfer admissions professionals know how stressful and challenging it can be to transfer colleges, and that’s why here at Marymount University, we offer a variety of resources for aspiring transfer students!

Do you think Marymount University might be the right college for you? We want to make the transfer process as hassle-free as possible, and we hope that by debunking these six myths, you’ll feel more confident about moving forward with your plans to transfer. If you’re thinking about transferring to MU, one of the most important things you can do is to visit Marymount’s campus. By doing this, you’ll be able to explore the campus and see if Marymount seems like the right fit for you. Click here to schedule your visit to Marymount today!