6 leadership traits MBA graduates share

6 leadership traits MBA graduates share


So, you’re thinking about getting an MBA?

Let’s assume business is your strong suit. If you’ve already earned a degree in business administration, skills in areas such as accounting, finance or project management may already be in your wheelhouse. But do you have what it takes to lead a team? To perform not just as a businessperson, but as a business leader? Below are a few core strengths that MBA graduates and business leaders typically share.

Innovation: A focus on newness, improvement and the spread of ideas or technologies.

Efficiency: The ability to do things well, successfully and without wasting materials, energy, effort, money and time in approaching a task or in producing a desired result.

Collaboration: Occurs when teams work together to access greater resources, recognition and rewards when facing competition for finite resources.

Communication: Business communications guide an organization towards fundamental goals through information sharing between employees and people outside the company.

Problem solving: The process of identifying difficulties, developing possible solution paths and taking the appropriate course of action.

Strategic thinking: Intentional and rational thought processes that analyze critical factors and variables that will influence the long-term success of a business, team or individual.

“Today, leadership is more important than ever,” says Dr. Carly Speranza, Assistant Professor of Management in Marymount University’s College of Business, Innovation, Leadership and Technology (BILT). “You want an MBA program that gives you an opportunity to expand your personal and professional leadership abilities.”

While leadership traits that organizations seek, by and large, remain consistent, trends and best practices continue to evolve in today’s business landscape. In the past, it was thought that innovation could only come from hiring outside of a company. But in fact, there’s evidence that under the right conditions, a wide range of internal rank-and-file employees — valued ‘intrapreneurs’ within sectors like media, hospitality and health care — can work successfully with resources that companies already have. They respond to change, drive growth and provide leadership through a continuous source of new ideas.

With that in mind, the best Master’s in Business Administration programs are designed to prepare you for real, measurable success — a graduate program that’s dedicated to weaving inquiry-based learning, hands-on assignments, faculty research and one-on-one professional development into the curriculum.

Whether you’re a rising professional who wants to become a better, more confident and emotionally intelligent collaborator, or a manager looking to reposition yourself in the workplace, an MBA with a leadership specialization from Marymount University can help you promote your organization’s success as well as your own. You’ll be well prepared to think critically about options, identify emerging business problems and design and manage ethical solutions in an evolving global world. And that’s good business.