5 podcasts perfect for college-bound students

5 podcasts perfect for college-bound students


As a college-bound student, it’s important to arm yourself with skills that really matter — social awareness, critical thinking skills, problem-solving abilities, monetary self-control and the drive to challenge conventional thinking.

You probably already have a ton of things on your plate. So, instead of giving you another lengthy article or book to read about self-improvement, we’ve listed five podcasts that are perfect for anyone looking to boost their confidence, increase their self-awareness or simply have more topics to talk about with new acquaintances.

1. ‘Examining Ethics’

Examining Ethics doesn’t provide answers to ethical dilemmas, but instead leaves listeners with tools and ideas from some of the biggest names in moral philosophy and ethics. Academic philosophy and ethics can be difficult to understand, but this podcast seeks to bridge the gap between scholars and everyone else.

2. ‘Radical Personal Finance’

Radical Personal Finance seeks to give you both the information and the actionable inspiration you need to financially improve your life and lifestyle in a significant way.

3. ‘Finding Mastery’

Michael Gervais, a psychologist, examines the psychological framework of world-class performers and uncovers the mental skills needed to perform in his podcast, Finding Mastery. You’ll learn about actionable insights for improving yourself.

4. ‘Hardcore History’ podcast series

Hardcore History host Dan Carlin uses his knack for storytelling to share an infectious enthusiasm for the subject matter with his listeners.

5. ‘TWiT (This Week in Tech)’ podcast

The TWiT (This Week in Tech) podcast can offer helpful how-to’s, interesting insights into new tech trends and news that you’re probably not getting from the nightly network news.

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