4 reasons you should pursue internships in D.C. during college

4 reasons you should pursue internships in D.C. during college


There’s no better place to intern than Washington, D.C. The city is filled to the brim with opportunity, and those who make the most of their D.C. internships often reap professional benefits for years to come.

So, if you’re considering an internship in our nation’s capital, find out why you should put it at the top of your list as the best place for real-world experience and long-term professional success.

1. D.C. is the best place for internships and getting a job after college.

In this city, think of an internship as an early job interview. The Washington, D.C., region is exploding, is known for consistent job growth rates and is becoming a tech boomtown, demonstrated through Amazon’s new HQ2 in Arlington. So, your D.C. internship will be a gateway to your first job after college. Once you land that internship, do your best work and make a fantastic impression, because it may lead to a job offer or referral down the line.

2. Networking is a way of life during internships and beyond.

They don’t call Washington, D.C., a town of movers and shakers for nothing. People love to network here, and you’ll find that many professionals love to help even the greenest of interns. You shouldn’t be shy about asking for professional advice, especially from a supervisor or someone else whose work you admire. Word-of-mouth referrals go a long way in D.C., so just taking your boss out to coffee or attending that after-work networking event may lead to your next internship or first job.

3. D.C. is great for young professionals looking to launch their careers.

Take a look around our nation’s capital, and you’ll that see D.C. is run by a lot of young people. From nonprofit organizations to Capitol Hill, many younger professionals find their first jobs in D.C. and get promoted quickly. If you begin as an intern in D.C., you have a good chance of landing your first job and rising through the ranks at a quicker pace than you would in other cities. People are often coming and going in D.C., and opportunities often come and go just as fast!

4. D.C. knows how to have fun.

Sure, D.C. is known to be a buttoned-up town with great opportunities for young professionals, but there’s no shortage of things to do and get involved in after you clock out. From D.C. softball leagues to jazz concerts at the National Gallery of Art to a growing dining scene to countless museums and cultures, you’ll have no shortage of opportunities to meet new people and gain new experiences. Washington is a very diverse city and can offer interns valuable introduction to life outside the college bubble.

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