2019 Marymount University Commencement

Congratulations to our Class of 2019! 

Graduating is part of a bigger story, just as our Saints are a part of a bigger community. This past Saturday, May 18, and Sunday, May 19, 2019, our commencement ceremonies took place in the DAR Constitution Hall in our nation’s capital, Washington, D.C. We congratulate the graduates and their families on the monumental achievements and take pride in their dedication, capability, and commitment to Marymount’s core values. Each graduating Marymount student has a unique tale of achievement and perseverance to tell.

Commencement is an important milestone in every graduate’s life, as they step on stage individually to be recognized. With the conferral of their degrees, honors, and awards, the commencement ceremony is a momentous occasion to showcase our students’ academic achievements and overall success.

Graduate Commencement

We were privileged to have Sister Catherine Patten as our speaker at the graduate commencement proceedings. In her address to our graduate students, Sister Catherine highlighted the importance of commencement and that it is a day that is both about and for the graduates and their families. She relayed to the graduates a quote from Eugene McCarthy that a Catholic education was “more than being a success, more than making a name for yourself, more than making money, more than being a success, or self-development, or comfort. Its more than.” She then invited graduates to reflect on whether their time at Marymount has challenged them to the “more than.”
Watch Sr. Catherine’s address.

Speaking for the Marymount Graduate Class of 2019, was Ms. Rachel Cohen, who received her Master of Education degree. She shared some advice on happiness from her class of twenty-nine eleven-year-olds. Some highlights of their wisdom include; “save your money for things you really need, not just what you want,” “Don’t drink on work nights,” and “When life gets tough, pet a Corgi.”
Watch Rachel’s address.

After the graduates were named and took their turn to walk across the DAR stage, Dr. Irma Becerra, President of Marymount University, charged the graduates to remember their time at Marymount, to always pay it forward, and to support Marymount to help us support the students who follow them.
Watch the President’s Charge to The Graduates

Undergraduate Commencement

Susan Lacz, CEO and owner of Ridgewells Catering, Marymount class of ’83, and esteemed member of the Marymount board of trustees, delivered the undergraduate commencement address. She shared her deep personal connection to Marymount with the graduating class. “Marymount was, and remains, a very special and formative place for me.” said Lacz. “The bonds we formed were strong and deep, and they remain so almost 40 years later.””

She also shared the traumatic but character-shifting experience she had while at Marymount. Lacz had a life-threatening Aneurysm while a student. She told students that it was a wake-up call for her to ask the big questions, to get the most out of her opportunities; “in short, to care.” She charged the students that they didn’t need a brain Aneurysm to care and that completing their degree at Marymount University was evidence they were already on the right path.
Watch Lacz’ address.

Speaking for the Marymount Undergraduate Class of 2019 was William Clarkson. William received his Bachelor of Business Administration. William urged the graduating class to seek happiness, but to do it the right way. “Live in the present…a past trauma or failure does not limit our future success” he said. William also shared the importance of making others’ lives better. “Err in the direction of kindness” he suggested; both for self-fulfillment and because it is right.
Watch William’s address.

After the graduates were named and walked across the DAR stage, Dr. Irma Becerra, President of Marymount University, shared thoughts from both Dr. Martin Luther King and Colin Powell, lauded the students on their achievements, and charged them to live with purpose.
Watch the President’s Charge to the Graduates

These commencement ceremonies were an opportunity to praise and recognize our students’ accomplishments in both academics and leadership at Marymount. We have many Saints that have gone above and beyond. The many students honored this weekend are named below.

Undergraduate Latin Honors | Academic Excellence Recipients | Honors Program Graduates | Spirit of Service Program Graduates | Phi Kappa Phi Honors Society Graduates | Military Veteran Graduate Medals | Undergraduate Student Leadership Awards | RSHM Graduation Awards | Presidential Leadership Award

Undergraduate Latin Honors

Undergraduate students who met the requirements to earn Latin Honors (3.4 GPA or higher and at least 60 credits completed at Marymount University) were announced at the Commencement Ceremony, Sunday, May 19.

Summa Cum Laude:

Abdulrahman Fahad Alrayes,
Eliza Faye Ater,
Thomas Patrick Baker,
Christian Joel Barnes,
Erin Freedman Beattie,
Maureen  Ann Benedict,
Alessandra Bertacche,
Jordan Lorraine Bowers,
Kelly Lynn Campbell,
Jazmin Castro,
Olivia G. Cleckner,
Logan Cook,
Thomas Ernest Copas,
Judith Del Cid,
Cynthia Noemi Diaz Mesa,
Derreck J. Dixon,
Quyen Thuy Doan,
Stephanie Kerry Downing,
Jacob Joseph Failla,
Allison Lillian Fantz,
Marshall Adams Findley,
Denise Ann Gallant,
Tristan Gasque,
Emma Leigh Grzymkowski,
Elizabeth Joy Hart,
Micaela  Lin-Marie Healy,
Brigid Morgan King,
Nicole Helaina Klamut,
Nghi Dinh Minh Le,
Elena Maria Mazzei Liberatore,
Carol Daniels Marcinek,
Diana Marie Nell Martin,
Alexis Miller,
Maggie Ellen Munro,
Merryjessica Norkey,
Subikhyat Pokharel,
Holly Ann Reik,
Brandon Everett Rogers,
Bryanna Kathryn Ryan,
Christine Dean Sniegowski,
Sara Squire,
Alison Tett,
Jacqueline Copp Verrier

Magna Cum Laude:

Emily Paige Abramaitys,
Reenad Ibrahim Alhussein,
Angel Claire Inniss Almeida,
Mnahel Esmail R Almohanna,
Abdulrahman Rada K Alrouaily,
Adriana Judith Alvarez,
Annie Alty Bacordo,
Pimshine Bhanarai,
Satvinder Kaur Bhurjee,
Mary Isabella Burch,
Michelle Jessica Burton,
Brian Hugh Carmichael,
Kira Anne Carrier,
Shana Michelle Chase,
Isabelle Oliana Chavez,
Derek Kevin Chouinard,
Heidi Sarah Cleric,
Juliana Katherine Conrad,
Megan Ann Curl,
Anthony Gabriel D’Andrea,
Carla Andrea Del Alamo Ruiz,
Kaitlyn Sarah Dey,
Erin Brooke Earhart,
Arash Eidizadeh,
Sydney Katherine Enos,
Stephanie Janelle Flores,
Janet Galla,
Katherine Anne Glorioso,
Julia Emme Griffin,
Sean P. Guinan,
Claire Elizabeth Hargrave,
Sydney Jane Helphenstine,
Carolyn Gisela Hernandez,
Morgan Summer Hilker,
David Louis Hudgens,
Rownak Binta Iqbal,
Kendra Nicole Jabco,
Kolyo M. Kolev,
Alejandra Rocio Leonzo,
Patricia Carol Lodi,
Ian Maloney,
Claudette S.K. Martin,
Cory Michael McCabe,
Tyffani Joyelle McQueen,
Brendan K. McReynolds,
Madeline Grace Messinger,
Allison Renee Moore,
Linda Miller Nystrom,
Matthew  Ray Oldenburg,
Emily Melissa Perez,
Olivia Grace Pienta,
Mariah Janelle Purtee,
Georgina Isabel Reyes Guerrero,
Gabrielle Marie Rivas,
Ivan Rivas,
Natasha Eve Rovenolt,
Valerie Denise Ruck,
Chelsea Irene Santa,
Sydney Taylor Schultz,
Austin Sizemore,
Victoria Marie Stadtmueller,
Evan Jagger Todd,
Lauren Elizabeth Truman,
Hugh Vasquez,
Michael Anthony Wade,
Sabren Hassan Wahdan,
Samantha N. Wahlgren,
Xiao Ru Wang,
Sarah Katherine Wilber,
Mary Adelaide Wimsatt,
Kendall Mark Wright

Cum Laude:

Najd Ibrahim Alayid,
Aleena Simone Ali,
Ali Adnan Almarzooqi,
Layali Saleh Alotaibi,
Shahad Abdullah Alruwaydhan,
Abdulla Alshuweihi,
Margaret Lynn Amos,
Nathan Eugene Aultice,
Yasmeen Maher Bannourah,
Nomin Bayanmunkh,
Douglas Robert Bergen,
Abdulrahman Nabeel Binsadik,
Emma Ruth Braun,
Allison Ann Brodell,
Josephine Madison Browning,
Stephanie Marie Cabrera,
Lucy Campbell,
Olivia Coppola,
Jamal Rashid Daniel,
Rong Fan,
Alyssa Marie Fanizzi,
Matthew Sanidad Gagaring,
Zeinab Mohammed Ghandourh,
Glenna Ann Golding,
Madison  Grehawick,
Brandie Michelle Hartzell,
Ann Maire Hensley,
Charlotte Lynne Hepler,
Tyera Herbin,
Margarita Del Carmen Hernandez,
Brooke Hall Hillenbrand,
Maureen  Kiley Holleman,
Timothy Robert Johnson,
Rachel L. Johnston,
Jasmine Christina Jones,
Matthew  Kelly,
Heather Marie Kenney,
Emily Jane Kern,
James Towell Knight,
Thomas Konan Mathias Kouakou,
Ashley Joyce Lee,
Kylie Anne Lis,
Jessica Ann Luten,
Celina Oksana Marquez,
Arielle Genevieve Mays,
Marc Mendoza,
Alexandra M. Miller,
Tsion Mogus,
Rebecca Alicia Moreno,
Aubree Lynn Mulder,
Marvin Geovanny Mundo-Hernandez,
Duc Minh Nguyen,
Jose Orellana,
Caroline Rose Phillips,
Amelia Dan-Vi Phung,
Marta Pisa Sanz,
Taylor Jean Plumley,
Madeleine Marie Raimondo,
Katherine Rose Sanchez,
Delaney Abigail Schield,
Daniel Austin Semler,
Laura Paige Shores,
Nicholas James Smutko,
Keisly M. Solis,
Rachel Lee Spalding,
Samantha Ann Stallings,
Paloma Carmalina Sterrett,
Bianca Janou Thompson,
Gary Alexander Treser Jr.,
Sruti Vyas,
Matthew  Stephen Ward,
Dylan Peter Watkins,
Mitchell Christopher Wooten 


Academic Excellence Awards

These awards are presented to graduating students for superior academic performance in their major and for contributions to their department or field of study through curricular and co-curricular activities.

School of Design, Arts, and Humanities

Bachelor of Arts
Shana Michelle Chase

Bachelor of Arts
Julia Torrico

Master of Arts
Alec William Davidson

Fashion Design
Bachelor of Arts
Claudette S.K. Martin

Fashion Merchandising
Bachelor of Arts
Jacob Joseph Failla

Fine Arts
Bachelor of Arts
Emma Leigh Grzymkowski

Graphic and Media Design
Bachelor of Arts
Gabrielle Marie Rivas

Leverett History Scholar Award
Bachelor of Arts
Elizabeth Joy Hart

Interior Design
Masters of Arts
Lisa Ferguson

Interior Design
Bachelor of Arts
Madeline Grace Messinger

Liberal Studies
Bachelor of Arts
Samuel Paul Cashin

Bachelor of Arts
Elena Maria Mazzei Liberatore

Bachelor of Arts
Anthony Gabriel D’Andrea

School of Business and Technology

Business Administration
Master of Business Administration
Gabriella Elizabeth Perla

Business Administration
Bachelor of Business Administration
Thomas Ernest Copas

Master of Science
Emily A. Arquesa 

Bachelor of Arts
Carolyn Gisela Hernandez

Healthcare Management
Master of Science
Nicholas Christopher Leamy

Human Resource Management
Master of Arts
Sarah Marie-Ann Keiper 

Leadership and Management
Master of Science
Michael J. Anuszkiewicz

Information Technology
Master of Science
Brook Lynn Peed

Information Technology
Bachelor of Science
Subikhyat Pokharel

School of Sciences, Mathematics, and Education

Bachelor of Science
Alessandra Bertacche

Bachelor of Science
Katherine Rose Sanchez

Clinical Mental Health Counseling
Master of Arts
John Murray Plank

School Counseling
Master of Arts
Mary Allison Williams

Pastoral Clinical Mental Health Counseling
Master of Arts
Adevia Elvira Porter-Hellen

Master of Education
Rachel Serena Cohen

Bachelor of Arts
Maureen Ann Benedict

Administration and Supervision (Catholic School Leadership Focus)
Master of Education
Julie Bigson Weber

Forensic and Legal Psychology
Master of Arts
Sarah Kathryn Luby

Criminal Justice
Bachelor of Arts
Stephanie Kerry Downing

Bachelor of Science
Denise Ann Gallant

Bachelor of Arts
Lauren Elizabeth Truman

Bachelor of Arts
Allison Lillian Fantz

Malek School of Health Professions

Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Christine Dean Sniegowski

Health Sciences
Bachelor of Science
Tristan Gasque 

Health Education and Promotion
Master of Science
Jessica Deen Stone

Masters of Science in Nursing
Marie Gwendolyne Kaufmann 

Doctor of Nursing Practice
Andrea Elaine Hagen

Doctor of Physical Therapy
Laila Parhizkara

Honors Program Graduates

The Honors Medals are presented to those students who are graduating as Honors Scholars. They have fulfilled all of the Honors Program requirements, including successful defense of an Honors Thesis.

Alessandra Bertacche,
Kelly Lynn Campbell,
Logan Cook,
Anthony Gabriel D’Andrea,
Stephanie Kerry Downing,
Denise Ann Gallant,
Emma Leigh Grzymkowski,
Elizabeth Joy Hart,
Charlotte Lynne Hepler,
Elena Maria Mazzei Liberatore,
Holly Ann Reik,
Georgina Isabel Reyes Guerrero,
Brandon Everett Rogers,
Katherine Rose Sanchez,
Victoria Marie Stadtmueller

Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society

The nation’s oldest and most selective all-discipline honor society. The Society’s mission is to recognize and to promote academic excellence in all fields of higher education and to engage the community of scholars in service to others. Phi Kappa Phi membership is earned and by invitation only: juniors must rank in the top 7.5% of their class, seniors must rank in the top 10% of their class, and graduate students must rank in the top 10% of their programs.

Janessa E-Mari Arrington,
Thomas Patrick Baker,
Dawit W. Chekol,
Olivia G. Cleckner,
Thomas Ernest Copas,
Anthony Gabriel D’Andrea,
Jacob Joseph Failla,
Tristan Gasque,
Emma  Leigh Grzymkowski,
David Louis Hudgens,
Teresa Christine Leslie,
Claudette S.K. Martin,
Seada Hussein Mohammed,
Maggie Ellen Munro,
Dhilanie Prabaharan,
Gabrielle Marie Rivas,
Bryanna Kathryn Ryan,
Alison Tett,
Blake William Vernon,
Xiaoru Ru Wang

Military Veterans Graduate Medals

The Marymount Order of Military Veterans Graduate Medals are presented to those students who have completed their degrees and have served honorably as members of the U.S. military.

Christian Joel Barnes
Air Force

Douglas Robert Bergen

James Michael Brandt

Janine Monique Brown
Air Force

Jay-Cheree Edwards
Air Force

Tristan Gasque

Tyishia Goldsberry

David Louis Hudgens

Hilrien Indira Kamanda

Claudette S.K. Martin
Air Force

Renee Johnson Novak
Air Force

Brook Lynn Peed

Mark Anthony Ramsey

Rafael David Sampayo

Hiywote Walelegne

Lori Bezant Williams

Spirit of Service Scholars

The Spirit of Service Scholar recognition is awarded to students who have demonstrated exemplary academic and volunteer service to their high school communities and continued to demonstrate outstanding volunteer service to the Marymount and Arlington communities.

Erin Nancy Fitzgerald,
Charlotte Lynne Hepler,
Ana Kathyna Inestroza,
Emily Jane Kern,
Caroline Rose Phillips,
Abbie Michelle Wolf

Senior Leadership Awards


Mariae Rose Beck,
Emma Ruth Braun,
Anthony Gabriel D’Andrea,
Stephanie Kerry Downing,
Edward Lee Hellman,
Callie Elise Levinger,
Maggie Ellen Munro,
Brian Philip Romero,
Gary Alexander Treser


Ibrahem Alsobay, Giselle Gotay-Sorto, Charlotte Lynne Hepler, Alexandra Cari Holmes, Jasmine Christina Jones, Emily Jane Kern, Vanessa Marie Peterinelli, Caroline Rose Phillips, Katherine Rose Sanchez, Abbie Michelle Wolf

RSHM Graduation Awards

The Mother Butler Gold Medal is awarded by the faculty to the graduating student who has shown the greatest devotion to the ideals of Marymount. It is named for Mother Joseph Butler, RSHM, who founded the first “Marymount” school in Tarrytown, New York, in honor of the blessed Mother

Mother Butler Gold Medal Recipient

Anthony Gabriel D’Andrea

The Bishop Ireton Award is presented to the graduating student with the greatest influence of good on his or her companions. The recipient of this award is selected by the graduating baccalaureate class. The award is named for Bishop Peter Ireton of the Richmond Diocese, who invited the Sisters of the Religious of the Sacred Heart of Mary.

Bishop Ireton Award Recipient

Anthony Gabriel D’Andrea

The Sister Majella Berg Service Award is presented to the graduating student who has made the most significant contribution in the area of community service in the Greater Washington metropolitan region. The award is named for Sister Majella Berg, RSHM, president of Marymount University from 1960 through 1993, and president emerita until her death in April 2004.

Sister Majella Berg Service Award Recipient

Emily Jane Kern

Nominees for RSHM Graduation Awards

Mariae Rose Beck, Alexandra Cari Holmes, Brian Philip Romero, Katherine Rose Sanchez, Sabren Hassan Wahdan, Deborah Anne Whiteman, Abbie Michelle Wolf, Bontu Sintayehu Workineh

Presidential Leadership Award

This is the inaugural year for the Presidential Leadership Award. This award was created to recognize an exemplary graduate for his contributions to Marymount at all levels.

Presidential Leadership Award Recipient

Anthony Gabriel D’Andrea

Anthony D’Andrea has been an active member of the student government association for the past three years and served as president for the last two years. Throughout his leadership, Anthony represented and advocated for his fellow students at Marymount. Last year, he was on the Presidential Search Committee which helped bring Dr. Irma Becerra to Marymount as our seventh President. He also served on the search committee for the new Marymount provost. Anthony has also served as an orientation leader and peer mentor and interned for the US Environmental Protection Agency.