What is Your Favorite Children’s Tale?

What is Your Favorite Children’s Tale?


Friday, April 2 is International Children’s Book Day today, and as a way to celebrate the stories we grew up reading, the faculty in the School of Education were asked, “What is your favorite children’s book and why is it your favorite?”. Within the responses, there were classics such as: Black Beauty, Little Women, The Hungry Caterpillar, A Wrinkle in Time, Matilda, Little House on the Prairie series, and The Tale of Peter Rabbit.

Throughout the responses received from faculty there was a common theme; for all the beloved tales, address the important points of setting a strong foundation for life within a child. These books are portals which take children to lands far away; lands that speak of a heroic tale of a book-consuming girl and a sweet teacher or the telling of emotional tales that speak of the bonds between friends, families, and beasts alike.

Let’s take some time today and recall one of our childhood favorites. These books imprint the lessons of kindness, love, friendship to all, and appreciation of others or sometimes they provide memories of days gone by. As the people that surround us influence us, the stories we read and enjoy as children influence us too.

Happy International Children’s Book Day!

Written by Olivia Edwards