We’re delighted to be a part of this!

We’re delighted to be a part of this!

Supporting new Special Educators to develop meaningful and effective partnerships


On August 19, 2021, Dr. Hauth of Marymount University and Dr. Thompson of George Mason University will be co-presenting a workshop called “Collaborating with Parents/Families/Caregivers: Developing Meaningful and Effective Partnerships” for The JumpStart Program for New and Early Career Special Educators with the Council for Exceptional Children. Last year this event was held asynchronously, but this year it will be disseminated virtually on demand. Dr. Hauth says that the workshop will be available for up to a year following its airing.

The Council for Exceptional Children is the premiere advocacy organization group supporting schools, administrators, parents and teachers of students with disabilities, gifts, and talents. According to their site, they are “THE” sources of information and resources for special educators. The JumpStart Program for New and Early Career Special Educators supports new and early career teachers across the country who need support for a variety of topics related to special education.

Dr. Hauth said that the objective of her and Dr. Thompson’s workshop is, “To support new teachers and new faculty with a variety of tools to help them collaborate with families. Students’ success hinges on that collaboration with families.” Dr. Hauth explained that their workshop will teach new teachers how to communicate what types of things families/parents/caregivers should be working on with their children. “New teachers,” Dr. Hauth asserted, “need to learn best practices when working together with families to support their students both at home and in the classroom.’
“We’re delighted to be a part of this!” Dr. Hauth exclaimed. “It’s a way to reach new teachers.” Following the airing of her and Dr. Thompson’s workshop, they will be hosting virtual office hours throughout the year so that new teachers can have access to the support that they will likely need. For more information please visit the following site.

Written by Pierre Thomas