Gender Inclusive Restrooms

Marymount University is committed to providing a safe, inclusive, and supportive learning and working environment. Over the past year, the Office of Campus Planning & Management has worked diligently to convert single-stall, lockable restrooms across campus into gender-inclusive restrooms available for use by all members of the Marymount community. Gender-inclusive restrooms provide a safe, private facility for people of all gender identities, families with children, and people with disabilities who may need assistance.

Along with private restrooms in the residence halls, gender inclusive restrooms will be located in the following areas:

Building Restroom Location
Library Building G1, 1st floor (2 total)
Gerard Hall 1st floor (2 total)
Lodge 1st floor (1 total)
Butler Hall (Admissions) 1st floor (1 total)
Main House 1st floor (2), 2nd floor (2), 3rd floor (1) (5 total)
Rowley Hall 1st floor Faculty Office wing and Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Center (2 total)
Berg Hall 1st floor Health Center, 1st floor Campus Safety (3 total)
Lee Center 3rd floor (1 total)
Ostapenko Hall 1st floor Lobby (1 total)
Ballston Center 3rd floor (2 total)


These efforts are part of Marymount’s continuing commitment to create a welcoming and inclusive campus climate. Marymount University does not condone discrimination against individuals on the basis of a variety of demographic characteristics including sex, sexual orientation, and gender identity. For any additional questions regarding gender-inclusive restrooms, please contact