Documentation Requirements for Housing Accommodations

To be eligible for SAS-approved accommodations, students are required to provide appropriate written documentation from a licensed health care professional, which describes:

  • The student’s “condition” as a diagnosis or other description.
  • The “manner” in which the impairment will limit the student’s ability to access their living environment. For example, what is the impact on their daily functioning, particularly in a residential setting?
  • The “duration” in which the condition impacts the student.  For example, over what time period minutes, hours, days, months, years is the student impacted.  Likewise, the following questions should be answered to better understand the “duration” of the impairment: 1) Does the condition change over a particular length of time; 2) Is the condition’s timeliness of impact the result of other disabilities as well; and 3) Is the condition cyclical or static in its symptomology/manifestation?

Ideally, documentation should include a recommendation by the student’s clinician which:

  • Ties the student’s clinical condition to their needs for specific housing accommodations.
  • Describes recommended accommodations as a means to mitigate the impact of their disability in a residential setting.